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Rozy Food

Zhourat Judi Mountain 100gr

Zhourat Judi Mountain 100gr

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Ingredients: Chamomile, Melissa, Gory Rose, Linden, Sage, Marshmallow Plant,

Spring Blossom.

100 Gr.

How To Drink Rose Buds

1.Boil Water In A Kettle Or Saucepan.

2.Place 1 Tablespoon Of Zhourat In A Teapot.

3.Pour The Boiling Water Over The Zhourat And Let Them Steep For 5-10 Minutes.

Strain The Liquid Into A Cup, Add Sweetener If Desired, And Enjoy Your Warm And Fragrant Rose Bud Tea.

Or You Can Add A Few Zhourat To You Tea Cup For Rich Flavor.

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