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Thyme Zaatar Al Ailat 1000gr

Thyme Zaatar Al Ailat 1000gr

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Why Choose Thyme Zaatar Al Ailat?

Authentic Aleppo Heritage: Experience the true taste of Aleppo with this traditional blend made in the heart of Syria.
Large, Family-Sized Pack: The 1000g size is perfect for families and frequent za'atar users.
Balanced and Versatile: This za'atar offers a crowd-pleasing flavor profile that can be enjoyed in countless ways.
Embrace the culinary traditions of Aleppo with Thyme Zaatar Al Ailat. Order your 1000g bulk pack today 


Ingredients: Thyme leaves, Cumin, Sumac, Coriander, Fennel, Anise, Salt, Sesame, Lemon.

Made In Aleppo, Syria.

100% natural ingredients.

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