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Oregano Thyme Zaater Hanif

Oregano Thyme Zaater Hanif

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*Aromatic Fusion: This za'atar combines the warmth of oregano with the subtle peppery notes of thyme, creating a complex and enticing aroma that will tantalize your senses.

*Beyond the Ordinary: Oregano Thyme Zatar Hanif offers a delightful departure from traditional za'atar blends, perfect for those seeking a new and exciting flavor experience.

*Versatile Applications: Elevate a variety of dishes with this unique za'atar. Sprinkle it on pita bread with olive oil for a flavorful dip, use it as a seasoning for grilled meats and vegetables, or add a touch of magic to hummus and yogurt dips.

Ingredient: Oregano, Thyme, Coriander, Spices, Anise, Fennel, Sumac, Sesame, Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Salt.

Made In Turkey. 


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